Getting started on your workplace mental health journey

Focusing on workplace mental health has never been so important. The World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the  leading cause  of disease burden by 2030 and recent research has shown that a staggering 48% of Gen Z and 44% of Millennials report feeling stressed most or all of the time. 


So what actually causes poor mental health and how can this manifest at work? And how can we take action ourselves and within our teams to mitigate these stressors?


The Global Business Collaboration is teaming up with Mind to deliver our first webinar, An Introduction to Workplace Mental Health, on 30th June at 05:00 EST; 10:00 BST; 11:00 CET; 11:00 SAST; 14:30 IST. 



Together we will be talking about the mental health continuum, stigma, the impact of the pandemic and how this stress can build up and manifest itself. There will also be a focus on how to support one-another in the workplace, particularly if you are a manager of people, and some practical tools you can use to support better workplace mental health. 


This webinar is open to anyone, particularly smaller businesses at the start of their workplace mental health journey and mental health advocates / ambassadors at any organisation. 


You can register your place now by clicking here.