Pledge with us: Building an Action Plan

Our 2021 Pledge with us webinar series will take a deep dive into the six GBC Pledge areas. Each webinar will feature businesses that are already well on their way to accelerating action on global workplace mental health, and are keen to share their journey with our GBC community.  

In the first of our Pledge with us webinar series on 12th August (08:00 BST, 12:00 IST), we were joined by BHP’s Vice-President for Health and Hygiene, Dr Rob McDonald, and Unilever’s Chief Learning Officer, Tim Munden.

As Founding Members of the GBC, they shared tips, guidance and plenty of insight on how to build (and implement) a company-wide action plan for better workplace mental health. 

Together, they covered

  • How they’ve built their own mental health action plans
  • Tips on how to get started and gain buy-in
  • The challenges they’ve met (and how to get past them)
  • Ideas for working with limited resources 



About the speakers

Dr Rob McDonald has been leading BHP’s workplace mental health journey for the last seven years – from raising awareness in the early days, to building a complete wellbeing framework that’s now a top business priority for BHP’s CEO and executive leadership team.  

Tim Munden first became involved in workplace mental health back in 2012. As Unilever’s Head of HR in the UK, he was responsible for developing a mental health framework that soon went global, and marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Unilever. 


Catch up now on the first of our webinars, with the full recording and slide deck.