Pledge With Us: Creating a Positive Workplace Mental Health Culture

Creating an open culture around mental health at work allows people to seek support without fear of judgment, whilst normalising the mental health conversation. Transforming workplace culture is one of the most powerful steps we can take to improve employee wellbeing, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

In the third of our Pledge With Us webinar series, we were joined by Deloitte’s Global Talent Managing Director Anila DeHart and HSBC’s Group Head of Wellbeing Andrew Gibbons. Together, we discussed the practical steps that companies can take to improve workplace culture and helped to solve some of the challenges that employers might face along the way.

Watch the Creating a Positive Workplace Mental Health Culture webinar

What to expect:

  • Advice on how to foster regular, human-focused conversations in the workplace
  • Tips on embedding processes to understand and enhance team dynamics
  • Insight into how performance management can be used to support mental health
  • The role of education in creating an environment where others feel safe, supported and maintain good mental health


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