The Global Impact of Prioritising Employee Mental Health

Across the globe our Founding Partners are being recognised for their dedication to investing in their teams and their futures, in LinkedIn’s ‘Top Companies 2022’. In these rankings, credit is given to companies who focus on long-term success of both employees and the organisation, gender diversity and educational background. Our Founding Partners were ranked in over 20 countries around the world, with the Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health mentioned here. It’s fantastic to see the efforts of all businesses in our community recognised for working towards improving company culture. 

 “Ultimately, if we’re not making things here better for our people, I’m not doing my job and we won’t have the best talent.” – Aimee Buchanan, GroupM 

It’s powerful that mental health has been referenced in these rankings as an important factor as part of a companies’ success. From the flexible working hours at WPP that factor time out for wellness programs to the wellness expenses at Salesforce that allow employees to claim items such as home gym equipment. Prioritising employee wellbeing isn’t going unnoticed with our partners being recognised for their policies that create inclusive and supportive environments. In Australia, Salesforce’s support for their transgender workers has also been highlighted. This includes a $50,000 package that is available to transgender workers to accommodate medical expenses, such as gender affirmation surgeries, medications and therapies. In Singapore Unilever was ranked the number 1 company to work for, highlighting their Enabling Mark Award which recognises organisations paving the way for a more inclusive society. 

We are motivated to see organisations who have signed up to our pledge making strides in working towards better workplace mental health. To each organisation signed up to our leadership pledge, your leadership and shared insight is driving global change. The progress seen from managers creating open conversations about mental health, the lessons learnt from another organisations approach and the commitment shown to better the lives of your employees all contribute improving workplace mental health for all.


If you’re interested in joining our global community of business’ working towards better workplace mental health, you can register your interest to learn more here.

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