Addressing mental health stigma globally across the business

Mental health stigma in the workplace continues to act to act as a barrier to progress across the world.

The launch of the Lancet Commission and World Health Organisation report on ending stigma and discrimination in mental health highlights the ‘double jeopardy’ faced by those who experience mental ill-health, with people with lived experience describing the stigma as ‘worse than the condition itself’.

This is also true within the workplace as research demonstrates that individuals may conceal mental health conditions for fear of being discriminated against in applying for jobs  and that workers may hesitate to disclose or seek help when in work because they fear negative career consequences.

In addition, the WHO Mental Health at Work guidelines demonstrate that business interventions to support and protect the mental health of employees are less effective if these are not accompanied by effective strategies to address and reduce stigma, specific to the regional and cultural context of the organisation.

The GBC were delighted to host a panel discussion on this important topic at the MindForward Alliance Global Summit, which brought together business leaders and HR practitioners from some of the world’s largest businesses at the intersection of business, mental health and wellbeing, including those from our GBC community.

Chaired by Sue Baker OBE, International Mental Health Advisor and Managing Director of Changing Minds Globally, the panel included insights from three of our Founding Partners – bp, Clifford Chance, and HSBC – and Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya, to support businesses address mental health stigma globally across their organisations.


In this event, you will hear from:

  • Sue Baker, OBE, International Mental Health Advisor and Managing Director of Changing Minds Globally
  • Charles Alberts, Global Head of Wellbeing and People Experience, Clifford Chance
  • Jasmine Hung, CAIA, Head of Pensions and Retirement, Hong Kong, HSBC
  • Dr Edwin Ho, VP Health & Wellbeing for Asia, bp
  • Rosemary Gathara, Executive Director, Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya


Watch the panel event here:


You will gain:

  • Insight into how stigma is experienced in different cultures across Asia, Africa and Europe
  • Practical insight on how to adapt global mental health initiatives to local markets, taking care to understand local nuances with how mental health conversations are received
  • Recommendations for businesses seeking to overcome mental health stigma across different cultures


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