The Global Picture: Mental Health in the Workplace

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Global Research Study

As awareness around the importance of mental wellbeing increases, so does the need for employers to understand and address the impacts that mental health issues have on work outcomes. Work-related factors may also improve or undermine the mental health of employees.

Our groundbreaking global research study has gathered data from over 12,200 workers across 12 countries and multiple industries and job roles.
It sheds light on the state of workplace mental health and seeks to support the global business community in building, fostering and embedding supportive cultures in their workplaces.

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Key Insights

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73% of workers stress the importance of employers prioritising mental health

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56% of workers believe mental health is a current priority in their workplace

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85% of workers feel supported, in organisations where their leaders speak about mental health

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Only 31% of workers feel supported in organisations where leaders don’t speak about mental health

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Individual Reports

Click on a flag below to download a country profile, or use the link to download the global report.

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Take Action!

Our global research demonstrates that organisational leaders have a clear responsibility 
to create the conditions that support mental wellbeing.

Wherever an organisation is on its mental health journey, visible and sustained action is needed. Joining the GBC by signing its Leadership Pledge can help start or accelerate that journey.

Signing the leadership pledge will give access to a plethora of resources and events on best practice and insights across a range of sectors. You’ll join a community of leaders committed to bring sustainable change for the future of workplace mental health.

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Our Pledge Toolkit

As part of our support to global businesses, we have designed the GBC Toolkit to help guide and inspire organisations in the planning or growth stages of their workplace mental health strategy.

The toolkit is built around our 6 pledge areas.

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Hear from our Business Leaders

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Emma Codd, Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Deloitte

“This important global research shows the challenges that remain when it comes to mental health in the workplace but also the positive impact that leaders can have in addressing these challenges.”

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Edward Thurman, Chief Commercial Officer, GSS

“As a rapidly scaling business, we prioritise a healthy environment that supports our growth path. Signing the Leadership Pledge is a very clear statement of our commitment to mental health and aligns us with the very best resources and practices in this field.”

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Surendra Rosha, Co-Chief Executive, Asia Pacific, HSBC

“Improving mental health in the workplace starts with removing stigma, for example, allowing conversations about psychological well-being to be normalised in the office.”

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“Kantar is a proud contributor to this project which will move the dial for so many employees around the world. We have signed the Leadership Pledge, which commits us to taking proactive actions to support good mental health across Kantar and to raise the bar for meaningful action and investment in mental health support.”

Caroline Frankum, CEO of Profiles division, Kantar

Founding Partners

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The Global Picture: Mental Health in the Workplace
This groundbreaking global research study sheds light on the state of workplace mental health and offers insights about the work-specific causes and effects that employers need to address. It also seeks to support the global business community in building, fostering and embedding supportive cultures in their workplaces.