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We are calling on senior leaders around the world to sign this Pledge and join our community of committed organisations working together to accelerate progress in workplace mental health.

The Leadership Pledge

Despite some progress over the past years, there remains significant workplace stigma and bias attached to mental ill health. There also remains a lack of evidence on the best methods for employers to provide appropriate support. If this is to change, improving mental health in the workplace must be a priority for all workplace leaders globally.

As a responsible business leader, I recognise that I play a critical role in raising awareness and enabling support for people within my organisation. By signing this pledge, I commit to playing my part by making mental health a visible priority in every region in which we operate.

My organisation will:

  1. Develop and deliver an action plan to support good mental health in our organisation.
  2. Promote an open culture around mental health, working towards eliminating stigma.
  3. Take proactive steps to develop our culture and ways of working towards creating positive mental health and reducing mental ill-health.
  4. Empower all our people to manage and prioritise their own mental health, and to support one another.
  5. Signpost our people to mental health tools and support they need.
  6. Regularly measure the impact of our efforts, being open about our progress, to influence and inspire change in our organisation and beyond.
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