A guide on empowering employees to share their mental health experiences

Sharing lived experience of mental health in the workplace helps to break down stigma, normalise open and honest conversations, and encourage others to speak out too. It can be really difficult for junior employees to feel comfortable talking about their mental health challenges, so starting with stories from senior leaders can have a notable impact on engagement. 

It’s really important to learn how to look after your storytellers, support people who may be triggered by these stories, and keep an eye on overall impact – which is why we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you through the process. 

No matter what type of business you are, where you’re based, or whether you’re at the very beginning of your workplace mental health journey, you’ll find a relevant resource below. 

The GBC Lived Experience Resource – created with significant input from Founding Partner BHP and mental health charity Beyond Blue – will take you through the essentials of sharing lived experience. In it, we cover how to use language effectively when shaping the narrative of mental health; provide guidance around how to tell an impactful story of lived experience; suggest ways to support your storyteller; outline who to involve in the process, and explore different approaches to storytelling through informative case studies.

Access the Lived Experience Guide here

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