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The world is facing a growing mental health crisis. Mental health conditions are increasing worldwide, with an estimated 15% of working-age adults having a mental disorder at any point
in time*.

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Stress and anxiety levels remain high post-Covid and burnout
is on the rise**.

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The cost of poor mental health to global employers is estimated to be $1 trillion a year and 12 billion estimated working days are lost due to mental illness every year globally.

*World Health Organisation, WHO Guidelines on mental health at work, September 2022

** Deloitte, Mental health today A deep dive based on the 2023 Gen Z and Millennial survey, May 2023

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Work can be a protective factor for mental health and workplaces that prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of their people benefit from increased productivity, employee engagement and higher retention.

Whilst there has been some progress on workplace mental health over recent years, more needs to be done. As business leaders we have an opportunity to not only accelerate the creation of mentally healthy workplaces, but to effect change in our local communities.

We are calling on senior leaders around the world to sign this Pledge and join our community of committed organisations working together to accelerate progress in workplace mental health.

The Leadership Pledge

Despite some progress over the past years, there remains significant workplace stigma and bias attached to mental ill health. There also remains a lack of evidence on the best methods for employers to provide appropriate support. If this is to change, improving mental health in the workplace must be a priority for all workplace leaders globally.

As a responsible business leader, I recognise that I play a critical role in raising awareness and enabling support for people within my organisation. By signing this pledge, I commit to playing my part by making mental health a visible priority in every region in which we operate.

My organisation will:

  1. Develop and deliver an action plan to support good mental health in our organisation.
  2. Promote an open culture around mental health, working towards eliminating stigma.
  3. Take proactive steps to develop our culture and ways of working towards creating positive mental health and reducing mental ill-health.
  4. Empower all our people to manage and prioritise their own mental health, and to support one another.
  5. Signpost our people to mental health tools and support they need.
  6. Regularly measure the impact of our efforts, being open about our progress, to influence and inspire change in our organisation and beyond.
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What are the benefits of signing?

No one business has all the answers when it comes to workplace mental health. That is why we are building a global community of committed business leaders to accelerate action and progress.

By signing the Leadership Pledge, you will;

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Gain Insight on workplace mental health 

By joining our community, practitioners in your organisation will be able to access insights and best practice on approaches to workplace mental health from around the world. 

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Grow your networks 

Leaders and practitioners alike will also be able to connect with like-minded peers and employers through peer networks and invitation-only events, all over the world. 

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Access world-leading Resources and Events

By joining our community, your organisation will have access to our leading resources, events and research that share practical support and best practice on workplace mental health globally, to support your organisation accelerate its progress.

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Become an Employer of choice

People care about how organisations support their employees, now more than ever. Signing the Leadership Pledge will mean your organisation is recognised as a responsible employer, committed to advancing progress in workplace mental health.

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Build a legacy 

Your commitment will help to bring about sustainable change for the future of workplace mental health – benefiting your employees, customers, communities and society. 

How to Sign

We are asking the most senior leader within each organisation to sign the Pledge, which may differ from one organisation to another. For multinational organisations this could be the most senior leader at a global, regional, or in-country level.

You will be prompted to complete a short form to share your details and organisation’s logo. Once you have signed the Pledge, your organisations details and logo will be added to our website showcasing your commitment here. You will also start receiving our resources, communications and invitations to upcoming events.

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What’s your commitment after signing?

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Take action
By signing The Pledge, you and your organisation are committing to taking positive action on workplace mental health in every region in which your organisation operates, and taking steps to progress the 6 Pledge Commitments. We encourage you to tap into our resources and events to support your journey.

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We encourage our signatories to share their learnings, experience and examples of good practice to help accelerate progress across our community. This can be through case studies, blogs or speaking at events.

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We encourage our Pledge signatories to vocally support the campaign and encourage other leaders in your networks and supply chains to join our community and sign the Leadership Pledge. Together we can push forward global progress on workplace mental health.

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There are no formal reporting requirements. We simply ask that our signatories complete a short self-reporting survey every 12 months to:

  • Help you reflect on your progress and celebrate your successes
  • Help us understand and identify where we can provide further support
  • Demonstrate the impact of the campaign to encourage business leaders around the world to join our mission
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Thanks to our Founding Partners: BHP, BP, Clifford Chance, Deloitte, HSBC, Sodexo, Unilever, Visa and WPP, there is no cost to joining our community of likeminded leaders and signing the Leadership Pledge.

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