Pledge with Us Webinar: Communicating and signposting to mental health tools and support

As organisations around the world take positive action on employee wellbeing and fostering mentally healthy workplaces, many are developing comprehensive mental health support systems. Yet, it’s important to not only offer these resources but also to effectively communicate their availability to encourage utilization and enhance employee well-being. This can be particularly challenging for global businesses, to ensure both the tools and communications are appropriate and relevant across different cultures and groups of people within the company.

In the fourth instalment of our Pledge With Us Webinar Series, we brought together business leaders and experts to share their experiences, insight and tips on how to effectively communication mental health tools and support across organisations.

The webinar featured a panel of experts who shared their organisations’ approaches to encouraging uptake of mental health support:

  • Catherine Gilbert Dessessert, Head of Group Employee Benefits, Sodexo
  • Anagha Belwalkar, Insurance and Wellness Portfolio Lead, Sodexo
  • Katherine Gostling, VP Global Wellbeing, BP


Watch the webinar below: Communicating and signposting to mental health support



Download the Key Insight from the event here.


In this webinar, you will gain:

  • Insight into how to communicate the tools you have available to your people across the business to encourage engagement and uptake
  • Insight into how businesses communicate across different markets and communities, ensuring the content is relevant, culturally nuanced and engaging
  • How to prioritise and communicate to at risk communities within your business
  • Tips on how to align global and local communications to support engagement across the business
  • Tangible examples of approaches and initiatives to gain inspiration for your business


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