How organisations can empower their people to manage and prioritise their mental health

The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health has a Leadership Pledge with six commitments aimed at making mental health a priority in businesses worldwide. Our Pledge With Us Webinar series supports our global community to implement these commitments to create workplaces that support, protect and promote the mental health and wellbeing of their people, enabling their business to thrive, by sharing examples of good practice from around the world.

This webinar held on 28th September 2023 focused on Commitment 4 of the Leadership Pledge: ‘Empowering your people to prioritise their mental health’. We are pleased to share with you the webinar recording and summary paper highlighting the key insights from this session.

Our panel of experts featured Tim Ackroyd, Global Talent Senior Manager from Deloitte Global and Iman Gibson, Global Director of Wellbeing from Visa, who shared practical insights and activities businesses can take to support their people manage their mental health.

Visa’s approach includes listening to employees’ emotional needs, using well-being statements in surveys, tailoring language and resources, and creating Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for specific groups.

Deloitte’s approach includes setting a global baseline standard for leadership education and awareness, reducing stigma, providing support, and tailoring approaches to local contexts. They also focus on simplicity in their campaigns and making support resources accessible to all.

The Q&A session addressed topics such as work-life balance, flexibility, founder’s mental health in startups, and the process of setting the global standard for Deloitte’s mental health baseline.

Watch our Empowering your people to prioritise their mental health event recording below.

Download the summary paper here.

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